Plan9 is a distributed operating system from Bell Labs.

Plan9 provides many interesting tools and takes on unix, including its own variety of c, 9c. To have access to them here on sans we use plan9port to provide plan9 tools in user space.

To get at them here, you'll need to prefix the command with 9, e.g.

$ 9 rc   // will launch rc, plan9's shell
$ 9 9c   // will launch plan9's c compiler
$ 9 grep // will launch plan9's flavor of grep, etc.

For a full list of the stuff you can use, see plan9port's documentation (linked below). Plan9port includes some graphical applications, too, namely sam and acme -- if you can figure out how to use 'em over ssh, go nuts!

plan9 foundation
plan9port docs
acme: a user interface for programmers

backlinks: 9c.html c.html