Puzzle Dungeon

Play the game.

You play as a little rover that was sent to a far off planet. Once there you discovered an endless dungeon. Can you navigate it?

Issue commands to move the rover, commands you can use include:

The directions are how you move the rover. down 3 will move the rover 3 spaces towards the bottom of the level.

You interact with collectable objects using get and use. Once on top of an item use get battery to pick up a battery and add it to your inventory. Once it is in your inventory you can use it.

Collectable items:

Note that shields are used automatically when you take damage.

Scanning is useful for revealing traps, though be careful because it uses a lot of power!

Every level has a par score -- you have to complete that level at or under the par score -- every time you hit the submit button your par is increased, bringing you closer to the level's par.

Moving the rover takes power, make sure to monitor your power levels and use batteries to keep moving.

Potions are useful if you take damage.